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HyBizz! My Personal Business Platform – a C4 product

Your in-house promotional products shop - ready-to-use

As a logistics specialist for advertising material and printed matter, Company 4 has been offering its customers full control over all logistics activities via the Internet since the late 1990s. “HyBizz! - My Personal Business Platform ” was born at a time when e-commerce was still in its infancy. Over the years, the platform has proven itself time and again as the perfect add-on to our logistics. It is constantly being updated and expanded with many interesting features. With HyBizz! we implement continuous monitoring and, above all, perfect cost transparency across all activities outsourced to us.

"Optimal transparency and control" despite (or especially through) outsourcing - that's what Company 4 offers its customers - more up-to-date than ever, more professional than ever!

HyBizz! Standard

The HyBizz! Standard package includes an easy-to-use, yet detailed platform for ordering your promotional items, printed matter, samples and sales goods that you have stored in the Company 4 Warehouse.

For items not stored at Company 4 choose HyBizz! As a Service (site in German)

  • You get full transparency on all of your logistics projects – in real time
  • Hybizz! serves as a central information hub and for interactive networking
  • You can keep track of all costs and can actively control them

In general

  • The standard version of HyBizz! is available in English and German (other languages on demand)
  • HyBizz! can be integrated into your intranet and designed in your corporate design.
  • The agile shop system was developed from practice, has proven itself over many years and has always been developed further according to the state-of-the-art.
  • The individual activation and special programming of a variety of additional, applicable tools and applications is possible at any time, since it is a thoroughly modular framework.
  • HyBizz! is a web-based platform that our customers can use in the standard version free of charge.
  • Non-customers can rent it. But you can’t buy it!
  • HyBizz! offers exclusive B2B-features especially for the special needs of field staff, branches and shops.

In particular

  • Your items will be displayes with a picture, with the latest stock online at all times (in real time).
  • Budgets and / or individual maximum quantity limits for certain user groups can be integrated.
  • We offer you a warning system for minimum stock levels, the shortfall of which triggers an email notification, so that the items never have to go out of stock.
  • A shipping history with tracking information can be viewed at any time.
  • A line dispatch module regulates quarterly deliveries for field service lines.
  • An inventory adjustment system for the identification of slow movers is integrated.
  • There is a special reservation tool for events.
  • Users can be blocked with a click of the mouse and articles can be quarantined.

Roles and Rights

You get personal and protected access. Access control and individual assignment of rights for the users are carried out by you alone. A filigree system of roles and rights ensures that the user who logs in with his password finds the environment assigned to him. So everyone sees only what they should see and can only do what they should do. In this way, all parties involved (field service, back office, parcel service, stand builders, advertising agencies and countless others) can work together, each from their dedicated environment, in a structured manner and without time lag and the associated different levels of information.


HyBizz! Standard has extensive control and monitoring mechanisms as well as the possibility of targeted statistical evaluations and individual reports across all logistics activities. You can pull this out of the system at any time. This way you keep an overview of all outsourced processes.


With HyBizz! you can strengthen decentralized responsibility and at the same time achieve full transparency and control in the headquarter. As a result, this means a significant reduction in administrative effort.

The monetary advantage

We offer the standard version of HyBizz! to our logistics customers without any additional costs.

HyBizz! Plus

In addition to our HyBizz! Standard offer, our customers can look forward to a variety of other practical addons. These tools are already in use by various of our customers and are individually tailored to your needs. We are happy to adapt them to your environment or program additional features.

  • Creative adaptation to your corporate design
  • Interface programming
  • Rental tool (equipment store)
  • Web-to-Print service (Print-on-Demand)
  • Survey Tool
  • Idea collection platform (HyBizz! Promotion – Marketplace)
  • Demand quantity planning (HyBizz! Promotion – Purchasing on Demand)

A first look at HyBizz! receive prospective customers via the trial account.

Apply for access data via: – Click on the Company 4 button and then go to “Neu registrieren” or simply send an email with the company name and contact person to: 

More info on HyBizz! on our German HyBizz!-website

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